Fusito History

Advance Lube Group established since 1994 is a the parent company of few other subsidiaries dealing with lubricants and chemicals related products. Few of the subsidiaries include Lubrimax (M) Sdn Bhd and Power Excel Sdn Bhd. At present, we are specializing on the manufacturing and blending of specialty lubricants, normal lubricants as well as chemical for automotive industries. Our customers consist of mostly wholesalers, importers & exporters. We also export to Thailand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand, UAE, Yemen, Columbia, French Island, Mauritius, Papa New Guinea, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar etc. Our main concentration is engine oil OEM, we package OEM products for customers or other words, product labelling. We provide customers with wide range of engine oil oem products from additives, engine oil to gear oil.

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